St. John’s, Brndvl La Casita de Familia Restaurant gift certificate fundraiser Cost: $15 each  The $15 certificate will be deducted from the total of your food purchase.

REDNER’S HOAGIE VOUCHER FUNDRAISER…sponsored by St. John’s, Brndvl  Cost: $5 each (6 inch hoagie) Vouchers can be used at Redner’s deli or Quick Shoppe. Funds raised to benefit the General Fund.

2-5 Boy Scout Sunday at St. Johnn’s, Rngtn

2-10&11 Pinewood Derby    snowdate 2-17&18

2-22 7pm Ash Wednesday worship at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

3-5 Boy Scout banquet at St. John’s, Rngtn     

7-29 Library Softball tournament   

 8-18&19 4-9pm 24th Annual Town Social    

 10-14 11am-4pm 10th Annual Fall Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                   Fire Company Breakfast – 2nd SUN, SEP-APR    

Fire Company Pizza Sales – 3rd FRI, SEP-MAY


“By His Wounds We Are Healed”


2-22 7pm Ash Wednesday at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

3-1   7pm Midweek 1 at Mt. Zion, Zion Grove

                         Wounds of the Sabbath

3-8   7pm Midweek 2 at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

                         Wounds of Authority

3-15 7pm Midweek 3 at Mt. Zion, Zion Grove

                         Wounds of Murder

3-22 7pm Midweek 4 at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

                         Wounds of Exclusion

3-29 7pm Midweek 5 at Mt. Zion, Zion Grove

                         Wounds of Hypocrisy

                     HOLY WEEK WORSHIP

4-2 Passion/Palm Sunday w/Palm Procession 

        9am-Brndvl  10:30am-Rngtn

4-6 7pm Maundy Thursday at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

4-7  Good Friday

        12noon Community Worship at Emmanuel, Nuremberg

        7pm Parish Worship at Mt. Zion, Zion Grove

4-9 The Resurrection of Our Lord

        9am at Brndvl   10:30am at Rngtn


Please mail or call the church office 570-889-5203 if you would like to place a donation in honor or memory of someone for Easter. Mail to: St. John’s Lutheran Church,

PO Box 261, Ringtown, PA 17967

Please note the use of different funds:

General: day to day operating expenses

Memorial:  worship supplies (altarware, candles, paraments,

                       linens, music, etc.)

Capital Campaign (Rngtn): toward new church building

Window Restoration (Rngtn): toward restoration of Garden 

                                                   of Gethsemane altar window

Endowment (Rngtn): savings for future needs

Cemetery:  upkeep of cemetery

Deadline:  APR 2 to be included in the Easter bulletin.